Frosh-cessities: Rain Gear

Rainy Providence / Projo Blogs

Remember getting ready for summer camp and always scratching your head when it came time to pack the ambiguously named “rain gear?” This umbrella term entails waterproof shoes, a raincoat, umbrella and rainpants (if you’re feeling particularly well prepared). Well, we’re at college in New England now and every season brings its own brand of precipitation, so the correct rain gear is a must. According to, there’s a substantial possibility of rain on six out of the next nine days, including “Heavy Rain/Wind” tomorrow. If you’re from LA and don’t know what “Heavy Rain/Wind” means, here’s an illustration: on the walk from the Ratty to the SciLi your backpack will turn into a diorama of the sinking Titanic with your neuro textbook playing the part of the fabled ship. Clear? Hope so. On that note, get yourself some rain gear – the whole package, not just an umbrella – and prepare for some Noah’s Ark status weather this fall.

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