“The Social Network”

It’s pretty likely that you have Facebook open in a tab on your browser, that you’re checking it on your phone, or that you’re on it right now. But will you be seeing The Social Network tomorrow?

At first, previews for the movie seemed bizarre: there was an almost scary element to them. Additionally, the movie seemed almost untimely. Wasn’t it too soon to be making a movie about the story of Facebook? Wasn’t that story still playing out?

But the more recent previews look much more promising. Plus, if you have a Facebook, then it’s probably a website that you frequent pretty often. It might be interesting to know the story (or the based-on-a-true-story) behind it. There’s certainly a lot of buzz about the movie, but we’ll just have to see for ourselves how it turns out.

Besides, you never know, you might get inspired to drop out of Brown and start up your very own, internet-changing, website! Then again, maybe that’s not the best idea…

So, will you be seeing The Social Network? Leave it in the comments!

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