When environmental consciousness leads to obesity, kind of

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Don’t get us wrong; we relish saving the environment as much as the next college blog, but ever since Brown discontinued the sale plastic water bottles, other (more trivial) issues have surfaced.

According to the Providence Journal, Brown is the first Ivy League school to purge itself of the environmentally-offensive plastic water bottles. (And that is pretty tremendous. Of course Brown had to be first. That’s who we are.)

“While plastic water bottles are often more practical, Brown has been really good about distributing reusable ones,” freshman David Jacobs commented while sipping from his aluminum canteen.

Based 100% on anecdotal and flimsy evidence, however, some Brown students seem slightly insulted by the dearth of expendable, portable potables.  

One disgruntled student remarks, “I would buy plastic water bottles if they were sold on campus, but I am forced to consume disgustingly sugary drinks instead.” This student asked to remain nameless for fear of death by stoning.

Without the option of buying water bottles at the Blue Room and other Brown eateries, many Brunonians (this blogger included) find themselves grabbing the less healthy, more sugary option.  Even health drinks like Odwalla smoothies (though they boast many health benefits) are often packed with over 50 grams of sugar, the scourge of obesity in the US. So on the days when you forget your Nalgene or other environmentally-friendly bottle, your only options are:

  1. To die of dehydration.
  2. To fill your body with sugary poison.

Clearly something must be done to reconcile this conflict. But until then, just don’t forget your Nalgene.


  1. There isn’t a conflict. At most eateries (Joe’s, the Ivy Room, the Gate), there are paper cups for fountain sodas, so if you forget your bottle just grab a cup and fill up tap water.

  2. Lauren Comisar

    In some campus eateries, you don’t even have to drink tap water! Jo’s is equipped with filtered water dispensers, and Faunce boasts two Hydration Stations. (Too bad those aren’t all over campus!)

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