Time-waster of the day: October 1, 2010

The Powers That Be have finally recognized that it is Autumn in New England and thus Good Weather naturally must now End. Fear not, embrace the rain as an excuse to watch some TED talks!

TED addict and NYT columnist Virginia Heffernan explains:

TED (which stands for “Technology, Entertainment, Design”) was founded in 1984 by the architect Richard Saul Wurman and his partners. Their first conference included one of the first demonstrations of the Macintosh computer. In 2001, TED was acquired and is now run by Chris Anderson, the new-media entrepreneur who started Business 2.0, among other magazines and Web sites. Giving a TED talk has become an opportunity for name-in-lights speakers to throw down, set forth “ideas worth spreading” and prove their intellectual heroism.

In just a click, you can watch J.J. Abrams talk about his love of mysteries, Craig Venter describe synthetic life, Elizabeth Gilbert chat about the nature of genius, or Dan Ariely discuss behavioral economics. Most talks clock in under 20 minutes, perfect for a small study break.

A few of my favorites after the jump…

Robert Full on learning from the gecko’s tail

Malcolm Gladwell on spaghetti sauce

John Maeda on his journey in design

Hans Rosling on the best stats you’ve ever seen

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