What your coffee says about you

As if you didn’t already have someone constantly telling you what you are.


Starbucks: Prepsters willing to wait in a line 8 men deep for their “signature” drink. It is a complicated combination of sugar, mocha, less milk, more cream that they started ordering in the 7th grade. When asked about it, they’re quick to respond, “I always get this drink.” Also can be a businessman talking loudly on the phone taking up couch space.

Blue State, Blue Room and more after the jump…

Blue State: Hipster grad student drinking house blend with soymilk in a reuseable mug. If not regular coffee, then their 3rd cup of espresso to quell the caffeine addiction that they may or may not have willingly built up to replace a cigarette addiction.

Bookstore Café: People showing up for a meeting/interview that they obviously don’t want to be at. Also can be seen as the home to people who pretend to sip on empty coffee cups to give themselves something to do during nervous conversations.

Blue Room: Students taking a class in upper Salomon, Dean Bergeron, and pre-frosh parents who can’t stop cracking mediocre (read: lame) jokes with the Blue Room workers.

Au Bon Pain: Students who pulled all-nighters. They are mostly nervous wrecks hell bent on getting caffeine, emerging from the Sci-li right at 6:30 for ABP’s opening. All are miserable and all are still not done with their work, which is due in probably 2 hours. Always seen slinking back into the Sci-Li afterwards.

Dining Halls: Sleep deprived AND tardy to class. Let’s face it, the only reason you aren’t getting real coffee is because you can’t go to the Blue Room and make it to your 9 AM on time. Might also be described as “seriously misguided.”

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