Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: October 4, 2010

A group of three RISD graduates won the design challenge sponsored by the A Better World By Design conference hosted at Brown and RISD over the weekend. The challenge was finding a creative solution to the problem of “food deserts”–areas where access to nutritious food is limited. The grads–Lindsay Kinkade, Erika Tarte and Beth Weaver–won with their plan for a dedicated bus loop that would connect city residents to markets, grocery stores, and ethnic food stores.

A youth center run by Providence teenagers opened this weekend. The center, called The Hub, is located on the South Side near Classical and Central High Schools, where many of the students who run it attend school. The Hub is designed to be the high school equivalent of a campus center, where students can find help with everything from college applications to health information.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will be in Providence this afternoon to talk to a group of college students and address the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council, a research group. (No word on which college students he’ll be meeting with or what they’ll discuss; they’ll be at the Rhode Island Convention Center at 3:00 pm, if you want to try to crash.) Bernanke has received criticism for his role the Fed’s policies played in the recession.

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