WTF is happening on the Main Green

Over the weekend, a mysterious glass structure went up on the Main Green. It started as just a stage, but then glass walls went up along with it, and eventually a glass rooftop, too. So what is this glass building? Nobody really seems to know. Some speculated that it was associated with this past weekend’s A Better World by Design, but it wasn’t. Others now think that it’s for a fundraiser, while some have speculated that it’s for a wedding or some other kind of private event.

If you have any insight, share it in the comments!


  1. CC

    Rumor has it the structure is for an upcoming swanky reception with Mukesh Ambani.

  2. I heard its for a party thrown by the donor of the new Swim Center for all the construction workers + architects involved in the project!

  3. Anon

    It is obviously a greenhouse…duhhh

  4. iknowanswer

    I’m pretty sure it’s for a wedding…at least that’s what the front desk people at Faunce said.

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