Queen Latifah insults Brown students

Olivier Douliery / Abaca Press

Last night’s episode of 30 Rock (which you can watch for yourself here) featured Queen Latifah as a grandstanding Rhode Island Congresswoman angry about a lack of diversity on NBC. But she didn’t save her insults just for that company. Her character lashed out at many of our favorite people in Rhode Island — including including us!

“Mr. Donaghy, I represent Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District. It’s a diverse community, from the hardworking moms and dads of Smithfield to the spoiled jags at Brown to the thriving, flourishing Italian criminal community in Providence.”

Spoiled jags, are we? Well! There’s enough diversity at Brown that we’re not all spoiled jags. But the joke’s on her — with midterm elections coming up, we can all “forget” to vote for her. If all this were real, that is.

At least the mafia got called out too.

Brown wasn’t the only Ivy the show’s writers threw under the bus. Frequently recurring joke Harvard took a hit too.

Liz: I don’t know if he’s mentioned this to you a hundred times, but he went to Harvard.
Jack: So we know he’s smart and superb at masturbation.

Harvard, your face is on the phone. Soccer practice is over, and you need to pick it up!

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