LSATs, applications, recommendations: oh my!

Calling all seniors (or really eager juniors) considering applying to law school: The Huffington Post has neatly compiled for you, straight from the Princeton Review, “The 10 Hardest Law Schools To Get Into.” Not that you probably didn’t already know that Yale, Stanford, and Harvard were up there, but here’s an official list to dwell over. So what are the rankings?

1. Yale Law School

2. Stanford University School of Law

3. Harvard University School of Law

4. UC Berkley Law

5. University of Virginia School of Law

6. UPenn Law School

7. Columbia University School of Law

8. Northwestern University School of Law

9. UChicago School of Law

10. UCLA School of Law

That your first choice is on the list could really go either way. Just remember, admissions stats aren’t everything.

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