Classic Brown traditions?

eton cap

Freshmen used to get beaten up for not dressing like this. Seriously.

As you’ve probably noticed, the fall admissions season is beginning, bringing with it droves of pre-frosh eager to hear stories about Brown. Like many good stories, their truth is often questionable. Still, when we found Admissions’s website about Brown traditions, we were surprised to find some we hadn’t heard of. Did you know Brown freshmen used to get beaten up for not wearing “Eton caps,” like those above? Or that “most students eventually learn” Brown’s fight song?

We understand why Admissions (as opposed to, say, Wikipedia) wants to focus on traditions that involve us wearing clothes. But let’s be real here: unlike some other schools we know, Brown wasn’t founded by Puritans…and we’re pretty sure people who brave the Providence winter in December to bring us the naked donut run deserve an official mention. Anything else you think should get a nod? Leave it in the comments!

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  1. lizbeth

    Baptists were Puritans, the term is general to groups opposing The Church of England.

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