A little too loko

Four Loko - Drink responsibly. Or regret it the next morning.

For most college students, drinking on the weekend normally consists of a couple cans of Natty Light and a beer pong table. Yet now, more students are foregoing the 12 cans of beer and instead are buying just one can — of Four Loko. You know that warning you’ve often heard: never mix alcohol with Red Bull? Well, Four Loko is just that: an energy drink with 12 percent alcohol content. And while anyone who has ever Four Loko-ed it on a Friday night (or Eight Loko-ed, if they are brave and don’t mind throwing up) can tell you that Four Loko’s flaw is that it is almost too effective; it is the cheapest and fastest way to get a guaranteed blackout.

Which is why Ramapo College in New Jersey has recently decided to ban the drink altogether. Concerns arose after New Jersey officials found even high school students getting loko off of the energy drink. And, with its reported role in the recent anti-gay violence in New York City (one victim was forced to drink 10 Four Lokos, impairing his memory of the attack), Four Loko might be, well, a little too loko. My advice – if you do decide to Four Loko, perhaps share it with a friend. And when you both pass out, make sure you have a trash can nearby.


  1. 4loko gets you wasteee for cheap. ban it at brown and there will be problems.

    also… there have been energy drinks with alcohol in them for a while – see Joose, Cocaine (in a can), and Sparxx

  2. Alyssa

    If you ban four loko’s there will be major problems. Everyone I know loves them, including myself. They’re a cheap way to get drunk, and as long as you know your limits, there won’t be problems. Too bad they have to compromise a good thing over a few hate crimes.

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