Guide to Family Weekend 2010: Prescribed events edition

Fall in Providence — Anne Simons / BlogDailyHerald

Family Weekend 2010 is almost upon us. Fall is in the air, the sun will be shining (almost the whole weekend), and kids and parents alike may be wondering how to negotiate the social ritual that is Family Weekend. Well, don’t worry. BlogDaily Herald is here to help. Look for our posts over the next few days to get you ready for the weekend.

We’re only talking about a few of the University’s many events for this weekend, but you can see the University’s (partial) list of the events for yourself.

Follow after the jump for our take.

Go for it:
Cider on the Green
Friday, 3-4:30 pm
Past experience says the tent isn’t usually hopping with social cider drinkers, but definitely stop by for a free cup of cider and other BDS-sponsored treats.

Journalism Today: What’s New in the News
Friday, 4 pm
Gotta put in a plug for our compadres over at the Herald. If you’ve got any interest in journalism or a related career, listen to this panel with alums who are real working journalists.

Open houses
throughout the weekend
Open houses mean one thing: free refreshments. So go whenever you feel the restaurant meals aren’t quite hitting the spot.

Cornell v. Brown football
Saturday, 12:30 pm
Show your parents just why they had to buy you that Brown t-shirt by spectating at a sporting event. The team has actually been doing pretty well this year, and would probably be glad to have a few extra people in the stands (à la nearly sold out Harvard v. Brown game).

An Hour with the President
Saturday, 4 pm
Just do it. Everybody else is.

Skip it:
Official tours of Brown
throughout the day Friday
Unless your family has never been on a campus tour and are all really desperate to learn all the ridiculous myths about the school, just take them on a tour of your own. They’d probably much rather see your dorm, your favorite hang-outs and study spots, and where your classes are than the list of buildings Brown says you should see (though you may never even use them).

Coffee on the Green
Saturday, 8-10 am
Too early!! Unless you’re a family of real go-getters, just sleep in and get coffee later at the Blue Room, Starbucks, ABP, Blue State or College Hill Café.

Can’t say for sure:
Paid walking tours
throughout the weekend
Never done one, so wouldn’t want to discourage. On the other hand, $15 per person is a lot to pay to walk around, when you could do that for free.

All the concerts and performances
throughout the weekend
You could probably spend the entire weekend at various a cappella, improv, dance, theater and music performances. For this one, you gotta just go with your gut. Pick what sounds most interesting. Most cost some money, although the archsings will be free. Facebook has thousands of these events, for those that didn’t make it onto the official schedule.

Religious events
throughout the weekend
This is one that will depend on the individual family. If you’re into religion and stuff, look at events at Hillel and Manning Chapel.

That’s all for now. Look for tomorrow’s post on the less orthodox activities you and your family can enjoy.

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