Guide to Family Weekend 2010: Prepping for parents edition

Fall in Providence — Anne Simons / BlogDailyHerald

C’mon. Let’s face it. You all probably have some illicit materials in your room, things you’d rather your parents didn’t see. Or if not, maybe you just want to keep up the illusion that you’ve got your life together. So here are a few tips for making your room parent-friendly.

Put away the alcohol.
This one will depend on your situation. Maybe you’re 21. Maybe your family doesn’t care that you drink and keep alcohol. Maybe your family frowns upon drinking. Maybe they don’t even know you drink! Just take your own situation into account. If you know you’re not supposed to be drinking, but away the sticky handles of Karkov and the 30 racks for the weekend. Be sure any drinking accessories, like martini shakers, shot glasses, corkscrews and obvious mixers are out of sight too. Nobody actually drinks tonic water unless it has gin or vodka in it.

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Hide the drugs (not that you do them anyway!)
We’re sure all BlogDH readers are upstanding, law-abiding citizens. But just in case some bad seeds got mixed in, put away the drugs. Don’t be the morons in the crime log who leave giant bags of pot out for DPS to see. Just put it away. Might want to find a better spot than the top drawer of your desk. Room inspectors may not be allowed to open drawers, but you wouldn’t want your mom stumbling on your stash when she’s looking for a pen.

Hide the porn and other sex paraphernalia
Duh. It’s just awkward. Don’t wanna go there. Might also have a talk with a roommate or suitemates also — don’t want them getting you in trouble for stuff that’s not even yours (this goes for the above topics as well). Although it could be a convenient excuse if you’re caught.

Clean up
This one is less dramatic than the others, but freshen things up for your parents. For some of you, they haven’t seen the place in about 2 months, and for others, they’ve never seen it. Don’t reveal how much destruction can happen in 2 months. Do your laundry. Dust the obvious surfaces. Sweep up the floor. Spray some Febreeze or something around if needed. It just classes the place up a bit.

Subtly shift the prominence of various objects in your room
This idea is deep cuts, so take care of the others first. But if you have time, think about what the positions of various objects says about your life at college. If your make-up and hair accessories are taking over your room, consolidate and move them out of the way. Don’t want to look like you’re spending more time on your appearance than your studies. Unless your family thinks the whole point of college is to find a mate. Deemphasize the X-Box/PlayStation/Wii/whatever those hip kids are using today. Doesn’t exactly say serious student if the only things a parent can see are a big TV and a bunch of video games. Maybe have a neat pile of summer clothes ready to go, so you can imply to your mother that she should take them home, wash them and put them away for the season.

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