Guide to Family Weekend 2010: Family’s not coming edition

Fall in Providence — Anne Simons / BlogDailyHerald

We’ve all been there. Students happily leading parents with giant cameras around campus, showing off their growing knowledge of their school. Parents gazing adoringly at their astonishingly capable students. Parents taking their kids to dinner or to the mall. It can be hard if you feel like the only one whose family couldn’t come for the weekend. Here’s some advice to drive away the non-family Weekend blues:

Get away
If the presence of happily reunited families is bumming you out and you have a free day, take the train up to Boston for a day. Stay out of the vicinity of Boston University though — their Parents Weekend is the same as ours.

It’s the perfect excuse to sleep, watch movies, eat crap foods and, if you’re really serious, get some work done. Just hide out in your dorm or the library. Yes, it’s still a little depressing, but at least at the end of the weekend you’ll have gotten some sleep or made progress on your task-list.

Got a roommate or suitemate or best friend whose parents are coming? Casually let them know you’re available for lunch or dinner any time they’d suggest. Hint that you’ve really been wanting to go to Target, IKEA or Trader Joe’s but can’t because you don’t have a car. Maybe they’ll take pity on you.

If all else fails, just avoid Thayer and Providence Place.

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