They found a what?!?!?

Apparently, some students at Georgetown love the critically acclaimed show Breaking Bad a little too much…

At around six o’clock this morning, police discovered a suspected “methamphetamine lab” inside a Georgetown freshman’s dorm room.  The building was subsequently evacuated and two students were taken into custody.

We here at BlogDailyHerald sincerely apologize for not adding “disassembling your meth lab” to our list of things to do to prep for Parents Weekend, and for any subsequent awkwardness this omission may have caused you with the rents.  Our bad.


  1. Classism much?

    Instead of resorting to snarky classist comments, let’s interpret this as a serious reality check that many populations are vulnerable to drug addictions. The stereotype of methamphetamine producers or users as easily distinguishable from people we consider peers is harmful and non-constructive.

  2. lizbeth

    ha ha — you do sound increasingly desperate and unreadable, snarky is the right word.

  3. Shut up

    Your whiny comments are harmful and non-constructive. Newsflash, meth is for FUCK UPS. That’s not classist, it’s true. Stop being self-righteous contrarians. The fact that someone at a top school like Georgetown is running a meth lab out of their dorm room is FUCKED UP. And if you can’t handle a little bit of snark, you probably shouldn’t be getting your news from a college blog…

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