What to do tonight: Family Weekend edition (2/2)

Whatever you do tonight, don’t get drunk and hit on someone’s mom (or dad) ! Never a good idea.
The Best Family Weekend Concert Ever
Salomon 101
1:30 P.M.
$5 for you, $8 for your parents
The name might be a little extreme, but putting the Brown Derbies and the Brown’Stones in the same room guarantees at least a GOOD Family Weekend Concert.
Should you take your parents? Absolutely. As we mentioned in Part 1, parents LOVE a cappella.

Dinner with Your Parents
Let’s be honest, the main reason you put up with them coming to visit in the first place is so they could finance a nice dinner — off campus. Your parents may try to convince you to take them to the Ratty or V-Dub to “get the college experience!” or “see what your life is like!” Do not allow this to happen. Swing by the Blue Room and let them experience the muffins, but then grab your parents and any roommates whose parents don’t love them and hit the town. Al Forno, Mill’s Tavern, Gracie’s: it doesn’t matter where you go so long as they’ve never served Polynesian cookies and you can’t normally afford to go yourself.
Should you take your parents? Duh. That’s the whole point!

Brown Stand Up Comics Family Weekend Show
Salomon 001
9:00 P.M.
Some of Brown’s best stand-up comedians are all getting together for a free show this weekend! Get out there and support community comics: one of them could turn out to be famous someday, and you’ll get “I knew them when” bragging rights.
Should you take your parents? This one’s tricky. It’s supposed to be the Family Weekend show, but their table slip features a version of American Gothic with the woman in a bustier and the man carrying a leather whip. Also, the event description promises Oedipus Rex jokes. If the ‘rentals are cool and your embarrassment tolerance is high, go ahead. Otherwise, drop them off at their hotel room first.

Machado House
10:00 P.M.
$3 door, $1 drinks
The Brown Salsa Club and Mezcla are teaming up with the Machado Hispanic House to throw a dance-your-ass-off party! Reggaeton and hip hop are both promised staples of the playlist, and if you get there at 9:00 P.M., there will be free bachata lessons.
Should you take your parents? Do you want to see you parents learning bachata? No. The answer is no. Leave them home.

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