This Halloween, show us some spirit(s)

so sexy.

These men may just look stylish, but it's actually an ironic costume.

Halloween is your reward for getting through both midterms and Parent’s Weekend. Pay back the favor by celebrating it right: with a clever costume. Yeah, you could always reuse your “sexy Mickey Mouse” outfit from last year (or, sadly, your Sarah Palin costume from 2008), but why not try something different? After the jump, we suggest some alternatives. Feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments!

What’s the scariest thing you can think of? If you answered “my future,” congratulations! You’re correct. Literalize that terror by wearing last year’s tattered Spring Weekend t-shirt and a barrel.

Alternatively, some say the key to a good Halloween costume is dressing up as your opposite. In that case, consider going as gainfully employed–you do have an interview suit, right? To change it up for your second (or third, or fourth) night of Halloween, stuff your sleeves and the front of your pants with Monopoly cash. Voilà! You’re consulting.

If those are too real (or if you picked one of those concentrations that actually does lead to a job), consider something completely unreal. With runny mascara, heels, and some pictures of fish stapled to your short, shiny dress, you’re recognizably FishCo.

For those whose tastes run to the academic, consider going as the SciLi. Wear a grey sweatsuit and an exhausted expression. Bonus points to those who encase themselves in concrete (send pics!) Optional accessory: 14 shotglasses, at regular intervals along your side.

Want to show your love for our fine city? Reuse your money-stuffed suit yet again by masquerading as Rhode Island politics. Be sure to mention your grandma’s recipe for marinara sauce. Speaking of food, how about wrapping yourself in yellow butcher paper to transform into [Your name] in a cone?

Other options? Consider going as a RISD student. It’ll give you a good excuse to acquire a multicolored sweater jacket and paint-spattered tights, and we know you wanted them anyway. And if you want to emulate those students by going for something abstract, try the weather in New England. Wear rain boots, a winter coat, sunglasses, and a bikini. Skip the bikini if you’re feeling pessimistic (or particularly optimistic) about the Rhode Island sunshine.

Finally, if you’d rather your costume show pride for your own alma mater, dress up as school spirit. Wear one of those cute, furry bear hats and a Brown sweatshirt. Disappear during the daytime.

All of the above sound like too much work? Luckily, putting together a douchebag costume is just a matter of stepping into your closet.

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