New level of Facebook stalking

While taking a quick study break this afternoon, I stumbled upon a subtle new feature on Facebook called “See Friendship,” which now sits next to the “Comment” and “Like” tabs on certain Newsfeed items.

"See Friendship" / Facebook

Considering the name alone, one can only imagine the sketchy possibilites surrounding this little tab — and of course curiosity led me to click it. The result was something reminiscent of the most horrifying aspects of an Orwellian future: an individual page organizing the entirety of the two friends’ interactions on the social network – sort of like a beefed up Wall-to-Wall.

The implications of this button are even more terrifying. Now Brunos can closely examine fellow students’ entire friendships on Facebook. Now their personal chronicle, from chance encounter at FishCo to a trip to the mall (this is all, of course, hypothetical), can appear as a neatly laid out biographical page. Thus, Facebook continues its longstanding tradition of wholly unnecessary features that further broadcast each and every move a person makes on the network.

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