BlogDH is now single.

From a study of over 10,ooo Facebook status updates, we are able to learn crucial information about just when we can anticipate a break up.

This graph demonstrates when throughout the year those relationship status changes appeared on your newsfeed.

Mathias Mikkelsen /

Notable trends:

— Right before spring break, hold onto your man. Cancun is, based on the data, a big incentive to live the single life

— Just another Manic Monday. Remember what accidentally happened over the weekend? Yeah that’s gonna be a factor — break ups peak early in the week.

— Christmas Day is the safest day of the entire year — but if you can make it to that point. Break ups skyrocket in the weeks leading up to the holiday season. An aversion to buying presents, perhaps?

— Don’t let your roommates have your Facebook password anymore. April Fool’s Day sees a spike.

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