Rhode Island still “Plantation” State

Our state's seal - with the controversial "Providence Plantations"

In yesterday’s election, voters sent a strong message – Rhode Island’s name should not be changed. A proposition presented a call for the official name of the state to go from “the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” to just “the State of Rhode Island.” Many thought the “plantation” referenced politically incorrectness about Rhode Island’s role in slavery, and should therefor be nixed from the official state name. However, supporters of the original name argued that “Providence Plantations”  was supposed to mean “settlement” when it was coined by Roger Williams, an opponent of slavery, in the 1600s. And about 80% of voters agreed – history reigns and Rhode Island’s name will not be changes, regardless of how “bad” it sounds. What we’re wondering is when’s the vote coming to get rid of “Island” in Rhode Island? If we’re trying to make the state’s name PC, shouldn’t we also try to make is geographically correct?

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