Decision Four Loko

Alcohol + Caffeine, Not in Michigan's House // CBS News

Elections have passed, so now we can actually focus on issues of substance. Enter the Four Loko debate. The colorful 23.5 oz can has made several notable appearances on the blog recently, as a handful of American colleges (including URI) have banned the alcohol-caffeine-sugar beverage from their campuses. Nervous college students have been anxiously anticipating what institution would ban Four Loko next. Last Thursday, however, somebody threw a curveball. Michigan (yes, the entire state) decided to put an end to anything and everything Loko. The state’s liquor control commission placed an immediate ban on Four Loko and other alcohol-infused energy drinks, such as Joose and Torque. If the orders of banning magnitude continue to multiply at this rate, it’s only a matter of time before the FDA finally gets involved and reaches an ultimate verdict. For now, all you Loko heads better stock up because forecast says Loko’s shaping up to join Sprite Remix in beverage heaven.

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