Brown Alums have cool book covers

Book Cover for "Observations Without Daddy: Vivic Evocations of Growing Up in Texas" by James P. White

Book Cover for "Further Adventures in the Restless Universe" by Dawn Raffel

People always say, “never judge a book by its cover.” But when the Huffington Post did just that recently by awarding “21 of The Coolest Book Covers This Year,” they gave two of those awards to Brown alums, according to the Brown Alumni Magazine! The two books are Observations Without Daddy: Vivid Evocations of Growing Up in Texas by James P. White ’73 P’01 and Further Adventures in the Restless Universe by Dawn Raffel ’79. You can read more about the stories behind the cover designs from either The Huffington Post or the Brown Alumni Magazine, but we’ll give you a little taste by saying that both the authors’ sons were involved.

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  1. p. dant

    I think what people always say is “never judge a book by its cover.”

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