Zz-ing your way to straight A’s

We Brown students like to have our cake and eat it too.  This often leads to us burning the candle at both ends by staying up late and (sometimes) still attending our early morning classes.  In order to continue operating at our prime, something’s gotta give, and that something is just one more reason college leaves high school in the dust: the delight of an afternoon nap.  Almost all of us do it, and we all do it in different places.  Some people like it the traditional way in a private place, some like the thrill of the public snooze sesh, and others are non-discriminating in where they doze.  If the spirit moves you, don’t be shy to catch some Z’s.  Luckily, Brown offers a plethora of amazing places to sneak a few REM cycles.

Most of the time, the nap is an unexpected part of your day.  It presents itself as a side-effect of soporific reading material.  When this happens, you can’t even get mad at yourself — cast the blame on your scholarly endeavors and pick up your chin as you wipe the drool away.  If you have a hunch that your reading may get the best of you, make sure to position yourself in a room that will maximize relaxation.  While every room in the Rock is a hit because of its 00 Decibel intimidation, the Absolute Quiet Room provides an opportunity to get some beauty sleep without interruption.  One drawback, of course, is that you cannot set a cautionary alarm clock for fear of being shunned forever.  Other options include any other room in the Rock or the basement of the Scili.  The large grey chairs that are too big for one person but too small for two are a sure hit; I have a hunch that the beach chairs in the back-left area have potential.  All you need is a Snuggie and a therapeutic pillow to make those chairs sedative.

If libraries provide too much midterm-charged adrenaline, the Leung Gallery is another place to steal away for a little shuteye.  The picturesque windows, the endearing bookishness of your peers, and the plush couches all offer a perfect place to snuggle up.  For those of you prone to subconscious bodily noises that may be a source of embarrassment, skip this venue.  The unspoken pact of silence makes the Leung Gallery a pitfall for unsalvageable moments of mortification.  Newly renovated Rhode Island Hall is a great unknown for some peace and quiet.  The Greek Revival building at the foot of the Main Green, Rhode Island Hall is home to the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World.  As you ponder your mortality and the future of civilization, let the sheltered second-floor couches cocoon your catnap.

While these are the most standard places to seek some repose, there are other campus hotspots that provide surprising sleep pressure relief.  Salomon auditorium provides the anonymity and dim lighting to let you “rest your eyes” when lecture loosens its grip on your attention.  Additionally, the couches in the back cave of the Ratty can provide a spot to lie down after scarfing down one too many hot-ham-on-a-bulky-rolls or getting too aggressive on the coveted eggplant parmigiana.  For people who seek the thrill of the nap, the organ booth in Sayles Hall is a perfect place for a scenic slumber.  Too bad your eyes will be closed (and the legality of this is debatable).  While all of these places provide a temporary fix for a sleep craving, the only way to truly refresh is in a supine or fetal position in a cozy bed (and preferably on flannel sheets).  Sleeping in a friend (or more-than-friend)’s bed is a perfect way to reinvigorate your soul.  Get under that comforter, snuggle up, and take comfort in the fact that Brown is a community of A+ people who share their beds with the vagabonds of the campus as a way of showing you just how much they care.

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