Going out tonight?

Don’t forget to install the Social Media Sobriety Test on your computer before you do.  The folks over at Webroot have developed a new tool that will block your Facebook/Twitter/Myspace during a select few hours of the evening/early morning when (drunkenly) logging onto your various social networking accounts can do some serious damage (and lead to major regrets in the morning).  When you first install the program, you can select which sites you want to regulate and the hours that you want it to be active.  When you try to go to a site that you have set up regulation on during the hours that you specified, you will be redirected to a sobriety test which you must pass before you can continue.  The only problem is that some of the tests that they use are nearly fucking impossible even while sober. 

Exhibit A: The reverse-alphabet test.  A.K.A. The apparently-normal-me-possesses-the-mental-capabilities-of-a-plastered-individual test:


Let’s just say that this blogger came pretty darn close to being deemed “unfit-to-facebook” and having this message posted on his wall for all the world to see:

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