The ProJo wants you to look both ways

An editorial published in yesterday’s ProJo singled out  Brown and RISD students for their obliviousness to oncoming traffic as they cross against lights, ride bicycles the wrong direction down one-way streets, and practice general insensitivity to the world around them.  The editorial suggests that East-side residents need to “understand how hard it is to see them at night. We don’t expect these jaywalking shadows to start wearing bright yellow any time soon, but they should observe the proper times and places to cross the street.”

It also insinuates that we students are unworldly and uninformed due to our posh upbringings:

It would also be nice if students realized that the spaces they’re wandering on are public streets, not lanes on private estates (where some of these students come from).

NBD, ProJo.  But, in all seriousness, perhaps it is high time that we all did a little bit more looking and a little bit less crossing on these dangerous streets o’ Providence.


  1. Amory Blaine

    Brown students look like assholes with low IQs when we ride the wrong way on a one-way street. If it’s 2 in the morning, okay. If a car might come, then absolutely not.

  2. lizbeth

    Brown students look like assholes crossing Thayer like it’s not a street but in the middle of the campus.

  3. gwc

    The problem is this: after class hours, some students spend most of their time in buildings on Thayer St, for example, in the SciLi, Jo’s, or the CIT. These students occasionally need to get to places on Pembroke, which are between Brown St. and Thayer St.

    Then, to go north legally, students have to either go west to Brown St. or east to Brook St. Brook St. is riddled with potholes and interrupted by traffic signals; going west to Brown St. results in climbing uphill to get to Brown St., and then climbing an unnecessarily large hill to get to Brown and Meeting.

    As idiotic as it looks, going north the wrong way on Thayer is the most efficient choice, and this is why students still do it.

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