Time-waster of the day: November 15, 2010

Got the winter blues?  We’ve got a perfect cure: 1000 Awesome Things.  Most of the things listed on this website really are fairly ordinary, but, for the most part, are also secretly awesome in their own special ways.   For example:

#523: When you learn a new word and then suddenly start seeing it everywhere

#628: Peeling your socks off under the sheets

#419: Correctly guessing if the door is push or pull

#1001: Discovering that so many seemingly mundane things in life are actually really, really awesome.
#1002: Realizing that the blog post you’re writing sounds like a MasterCard commercial (priceless?).

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  1. David's Birthday

    Happy Birthday, David Winer!

    #1001: David Winer’s Birthday.

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