Cornell professor snaps over student’s “overly-loud yawn”

How many times have you stayed up late writing a paper, drinking Four Loko, or perhaps testing out some of California’s finest (wine, of course)? The fact is that you’re tired the next morning and if you are unfortunate enough to have Professor Talbert’s lecture, be damn sure to conceal your sleepiness. He will tolerate none of your “overly-loud yawns” or other rude noise-making shenanigans.  In fact he will even interrupt class for the occasion and comb the audience in order to locate this pooped perpetrator.

However, if you are the drowsy delinquent, next time just follow these simple instructions and all will be well:

  1. Get up and walk the hell out.
  2. Yawn outside.
  3. Stay out of class or do whatever you need to do to get over it.
  4. Ask yourself, “Why am I the one loser that has to do that if 220 other people know better?”

If you are in a whistleblowing mood, nonetheless, feel free to anonymously tell Professor Talbert who did it.

A kilobyte.

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