Spotted: RI’s Prodigal Son

Hometown hero(?) Pauly D made a surprise trip to URI this Wednesday night to visit an old girlfriend (one of the rarest roses?). A mob of eager students formed around his white Mercedes (detailed with his name on the back) and waited for the reality tv show star to emerge.  As you can see from the video, the mob of about 400 students descended on the vehicle, presumably hoping to cop a feel of the gelled up fist pumper. Although he may have decided not to visit Brown on his trip back home, his teachings of GTL are with us always.

In case you missed it: Last semester, BlogDH sent an investigative team into the place where Pauly D gets his hair cut.

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  1. Not Even a Jersey Shore Fan

    For the record, GTL is thanks to the Situation, not Pauly D. GET IT RIGHT

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