Having your beer and drinking it too: Why academics and drunkenness go hand in hand

They say that history is in the eyes of the beholder.  That couldn’t be more true with Drunk History, a series of YouTube videos in which incredibly drunk people recount important moments in history while famous actors act out their exact descriptions.  Watching a few of these videos gave us an idea: maybe we’ve been missing out on this “easy college experience” we’re all supposed to be having because we haven’t been drunk for most of it.   Before you immediately dismiss this proposition, we present to you our argument: the BlogDH’s list of four scholarly things that somehow become much easier while drunk.  

1. Writing an MCM paper.  Calm down, MCM concentrators.  We don’t think it’s easy to write at the level of incoherence required by most classes in your department.  But it can become easier after you down a few shots of tequila

2. Going to office hours.  Sometimes, it’s just too damn difficult to listen to a professor drone on for an hour about their research.  Here’s a thought: why not ease the pain a bit beforehand?  You can even add in a game: how long will it take your professor to notice that you’re not quite “right”?  For every minute past the first ten, you get double points.

3. Speaking a foreign language.  This one actually makes some sense for two reasons.  First, if you’re less inhibited, you’re more likely to just go with it and make mistakes.  You’ll be sounding like a true русский in no time.  Second, you’re more likely to recall those nights you spent talking to creepy strangers at bars during your study abroad experience.  Source memory…and all that.

4.  Taking Mande (TAPS 1280T): In what world would it not be a good idea to drink before you’re asked to dance on Lincoln Field in front of hundreds of students and passersby?  Bottoms up!

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