La. governor Jindal ’91.5 disses alma mater

In an interview on televangelist Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network, Jindal–formerly a PLME, currently the Republican governor of Louisiana and a potential 2012 presidential contender–criticized Brown’s political correctness and liberal bent. “I wasn’t the traditional Brown student,” Jindal told Robertson.

The good stuff starts at about 7:00, with anecdotes about how Jindal’s freshman RC criticized him for “opening doors for the ladies” and refusing to attend a “mandatory” orientation session (we have those?) on diversity.

Weirdly, Jindal doesn’t mention that he once liked Brown enough to be a trustee. We’re hoping his new book answers our burning questions about his time at Brown, like which part of his bio education at Brown convinced him that intelligent design counts as science and whether he ever tried to hold the door for Ruth Simmons.

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  1. :S

    This guy is either a massive charlatan, or a massive idiot, I cannot for the life of me decide. Is he sincere in his bullshit conservatism? It seems more likely that he crafted the persona for political gain. I majored in biology, and there is no way anyone could graduate from that department denying evolution unless they were asleep through every class. I hope this guy never gets any higher in politics.

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