Northeastern grad’s loan repayment plan? You.

Look familiar?

Kelli Space graduated from Northwestern in 2009 and landed a job on Wall Street, but even the money she saved by moving back in with her parents isn’t enough to offset the $1600 a month she’s slated to start paying Sallie Mae next fall. So she’s taking a leaf out of the Wall St. playbook and asking America to help her out by sending paypal donations to her website,

How did Space get herself into $200K worth of debt? She blames herself for choosing such an expensive school and for failing to apply for enough scholarships but also points a finger at the student loan industry as a whole, which has been criticized for encouraging students to take on too much debt. On her website, Space writes:

This website was about putting it out there that I made a mistake, letting people know the extent of the debt burden I’m under because of it — that I’m not the only one in this position — and asking for help if anyone was so inclined to give it. If not, absolutely fine. If this is what it took to address the issues of student loan practices, I’m happy to have helped get the dialogue going, as obviously I’m an extreme case.

Whatever its faults, Space’s strategy seems to be working. Since the HuffPo featured her site last week, Space has raised over $6,000.

Only $193,716.94 to go.

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