Kardashian Kard is no more

America says no to the Kard // Consumers Union

If any of you readers caught last week’s post, then you already know about MasterCard’s Kardashian-emblazoned prepaid debit card, which came complete with enough fees to supply the makeup for one family photo shoot. As a result of pressures from the Consumers Union, CT Senator-elect Richard Blumenthal and the notion that the card should never have existed in the first place, MasterCard has decided to put an end to the ‘Kardashian Kard’ after only a few weeks of availability. In addition to the Kard’s removal from retail locations, the website has been taken down and all traces of the Kard have disappeared from the Kardashian’s blogs. Now that America has successfully gotten rid of the most unnecessary piece of plastic on the market and the most unnecessary beverage, the only thing left for the nation to do is to take down its premiere musical television series and the U.S. will finally be free from pointless crap.

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