Students who do cool things: Meet the creators of Dot Comic!

dot comic!

Eshan Mitra ’12 and Brendan Hainline ’12 answer some of your (okay, my) burning questions:

1.) How did you guys come up with Dot Comic?

We were dining at the Vdub, which is not our usual place to sup, and we were discussing the fact that one does not need to draw well to make a good comic. The first ten or so Dot comic were written that very night.

2.) Who would you rather meet in a dark alley, Dot or Line?

Eshan: “It would be much more interesting to meet dot in a dark alley, because if we met line it would be kind of pointless.” (Brendan shakes his head with frustration.)

3.) How do you deal with your newfound celebrity?

Brendan: “We are forming a Famous People’s Club. Emma, if you are reading this, you are invited.” (Eshan shakes his head with frustration.)

4.) Apart from Dot Comic, what are you involved in at Brown? Slash, give a fun fact about yourself!
Brendan and Eshan also have a musical streak. Brendan plays guitar in Brown’s very own mariachi band, Mariachi de Brown, and Eshan plays percussion for the Brown Wind Symphony and Percussion Ensemble.

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