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Twilight bracelet

One of the many (and we do mean many) Twilight-related gift suggestions from Etsy's Facebook integration.

Not sure what to buy your friends and family for Christmas?

Etsy, a website where people can buy and sell handmade and vintage items (it’s sort of like eBay’s hipster cousin), has always been a great place to shop for gifts both unique and “unique.” This year, they’re trying to make the process even easier–by suggesting gifts for your friends based on their Facebook profiles. Right now it’s a little hit-or-miss. One friend who bikes a lot probably would like a new set of panniers, and Etsy helpfully pointed me to a number of cool shops for the bike enthusiast. For another friend who liked J. Crew, Etsy suggested everything from clothing to desk accessories tailored to her aesthetic sensibilities. However, I’m pretty sure that when my 19-year-old brother said he liked “House,” he wasn’t talking about a birdhouse…or a doll house…or a 50’s-style house dress.

And then there’s the difficulty of translating interests to tangible gifts. Yes, my cousin likes Katy Perry, but does that really mean she wants a custom-made cupcake bra?

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