Why Chipotle, why?

Apparently learning to roll burritos takes a little bit longer than expected.  A sign on the door of Chipotle tells us that they’re delaying their opening to December 14th.  So much for delicious rolled-up goodness getting us through reading period.  In the meantime, we present to you the story of one lucky Brunonian who got a pre-grand-opening burrito and sent his story in to BlogDH.  That’s right.  Be jealous:  

As I passed Chipotle with my acquaintance, I noticed that there were workers inside making burritos. I knew it wasn’t open but I figured I’d knock on the door anyways and try my luck. As I approached the door I noticed a stack of about thirty burritos next to the register. I needed to have one. I knocked on the door and a man came out to tell me the Chipotle was not yet open. I explained to him my love of Chipotle and implored him to give me a burrito. He looked outside to make sure no one was watching this suspicious exchange, then opened the door farther and invited us in.

He told us if we wanted burritos we could not tell anybody that we were getting burritos before the grand opening, and of course we told him we would not. He then proceeded to introduce us to the staff that was being trained and asked for our orders. I will say that the staff was definitely a rookie crew, while friendly, they do not understand the intricacies of rolling the burrito. Other than that, the experience was incredible. I am honored to be able to say I had the first Chipot-thay burrito ever.

–Kenny Thompson ’13

Don’t believe it?  He sent us photographic proof:


  1. Stone Thrower

    Honesty Fail.

  2. Brown '08

    What an asshole. And he’s gonna go back after this?

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