Head scratcher: Cain resignation

Dr. Joanna Cain, a Brown professor and the chief of obstetrics and gynecology at the Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, resigned from both her posts at Alpert Medical School and Women and Infants last Friday, December 31.  Dr. Jeffrey Borkan, the head of Brown’s family medicine program, told the Projo that Cain’s unexpected resignation could give rise to questions regarding academic freedom and job security for new professors.  He noted that “barring incompetence and negligence, chairs should not be able to be pushed out easily.”

Vague, much?  Perhaps it’s a bit soon to get carried away with ludicrous conspiracy theories, but let’s just say that Borkan’s remarks definitely leave room for our (wild) imaginations. If you have insight into or tips regarding this developing story, send them our way at tips@browndailyherald.com.

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    Lesbian phobia exists in surprising places.

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