R.I.P. FishCo (actually)

Well, this sucks.  Despite conflicting reports as to whether or not FishCo would in fact be reopening in the new year, a new message on their website has confirmed our worst fears- FishCo is no more:

No FishCo, thank you.  As always, please leave your Fishkus in the comments.


  1. Ellen

    words cannot express
    aching loss, profound sadness
    we hardly knew ye

  2. Hannh

    The Company closed?
    Thursday 9ams will see
    Their attendance spikes

  3. Saki

    Looks like now we might have to spend Wednesday nights studying..

  4. Colette

    throw our bottoms up
    can’t even handle it, where
    to wear favorite brands???

    where to find G6?

  5. K

    fishco will remain
    in our hearts our minds and our
    medical records

  6. H

    i never even
    had one night of debauch’ry
    inside; tragedy!

  7. Sophomore

    Yet another Brown tradition I that will graduate without ever enjoying. I wonder why they pretended they were going to re-open?

  8. Sorta

    The venue will reopen under a new name and new ownership sometime in the spring. So no more fish co, who knows what’s next tho…

  9. Kelly

    rest in peace fishco
    alas, now it will be much
    harder to get laid

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