‘Skins’ Going Too Far?

No shortage of skin on MTV's new show // MTV

Following the Monday night premiere of MTV’s new teen drama, Skins, some Americans have already started to lash out at its provocative content. According to ABC News, the Parents Television Council (PTC) is calling upon the nation’s Judiciary Committees and Department of Justice to investigate the show’s supposed child pornography. Future episodes of the show feature actors as young as 15 in sexual situations, which the PTC claims is in violation of pornography laws. The original, British incarnation of Skins, which continues to air on the UK’s E4, garnered positive critical and commercial response for its raw depictions of Bristol teenagers (portrayed by amateur adolescent actors) coming of age with a healthy dose of sex and drugs. In addition to addressing typical high school series topics such as homosexuality and eating disorders, the show featured scenes of excessive drinking, pill popping, marijuana smoking and lovemaking–none of which provoked censure from British media. And despite MTV’s removal of much of the cursing, nudity and talent from the original format, the PTC insists that the show is inappropriate and even illegal. Since Monday’s premiere, Taco Bell has announced that it is pulling its sponsorship from the show. Is Skins going too far? It’s up to America’s overly concerned parents to decide. Skins airs on MTV at 10 p.m. (EST) on Mondays.

Check out the first few minutes of the UK and US versions of Skins after the jump.



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