Frosh-cessities: Cold Protection

Winter doesn't mess around in RI / ProJo

If you can recall the pop standard “Winter Wonderland,” the song concludes with the not-so-PC lyric “we’ll frolic and play, the Eskimo way, / walking in a winter wonderland.” But as Dr. Paul Biddinger recommends in the Boston Globe, there should be neither frolicking nor playing in temperatures as low today’s (high of 14° F but feeling like the negatives). Biddinger warns that those who aren’t “warmly dressed in layers” could encounter frost bite or hypothermia in less than an hour. Since the weather service has announced a wind chill advisory, it may be time to dedicate some holiday money to protecting one’s body. A few clothing suggestions for those of you who thought Rhode Island wasn’t going to be that cold after the jump.

Thermal Shirts: Finally found something at Urban Outfitters that isn’t a complete waste of money (or plaid). These shirts are generally pretty cheap, not too heavy and super warm, which makes them perfect for layering. If you’re too hip for Urban, many retailers offer a similar shirt (though beware of advanced “technology” that supposedly justifies the high price tag).

Scarves: This seems like an obvious one, and it is–but these days the scarf has become a fashion statement and forgotten its roots as a neck warmer. Luckily Zappos, a website known for selling discounted shoes, offers a large selection of designer and brand-name winter scarves for the student budget.

Mask: For those dedicated enough to exercise outside, or those young-at-heart enough to play in the snow, there is only one way to face the cold. Offering full protection for ears, nose and neck, a proper face mask is a necessity for anyone spending extended periods of time in below-freezing temperatures. It’s hard to not look ridiculous (or like a robber) in a ski mask, but legions of street vendors and traffic cops can’t be wrong. Amazon offers one style that diverges from the traditional ski mask look.

With classes starting on Wednesday, even the least venturesome students will have to go forth into the frigid New England winter–just make sure to dress warm.

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