The real value of a Brown education

Mr. Mackey / South Park

On January 19th, the ProPo arrested 22-year-old Jeffrey Martin, a local Brown alum, for running a “makeshift drug lab” in his South Providence apartment.  According to a ProJo 7 to 7 news blog update published today, Martin told the police that he had learned how to make narcotics in the courses that he took at Brown.  Unfortunately, those same courses didn’t also teach him how to adequately hide a clandestine apartment-based drug operation.  Come on BIOL1210.  Get your shit together.

Read about the full story in the Herald on Thursday.


  1. A.

    I would’ve hoped the Herald would know when tongue-in-cheek isn’t appropriate. This kid is some very serious trouble. Have some class, for heaven’s sake.

  2. E.

    I would’ve hoped Martin would know that running a drug lab is never appropriate. Forgive my lack of sympathy that his predicament isn’t being treated with utmost respect.

  3. J

    I get that this blog is the snarkier, less formal cousin of the BDH, but I agree with the above that it seems weird to write a story in this tone about an alumnus who is facing criminal charges that will most likely lead to several years of jail time.

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