When snow turns to slush…

New York Times

We’re sure you’ve come across some strange articles in your lifetime that make you seriously wonder… WTF?! However, it’s pretty rare that these articles come straight out of the highly acclaimed New York Times.

On December 30th, 2010 one journalist must have had a pretty bad day. Either that, or someone tampered with his morning coffee.  Whatever it was, it helped him produce a rather interesting and questionable article about the slush that continues to plague Manhattan this winter. I think that’s something that we inhabitants of Providence can definitely relate to.

“The snowman’s cheery gaze turned to one of grave alarm, for slush is to him what zombies are to man. Relentless, undead.” This is just one of the many bizarre passages of Michael Wilson’s piece.  Check it out… it’s bound to make you question if that day’s NY Times editor took a little snooze on the job.


  1. John

    Wow, that deli was still open in 2011? I thought Chase took that corner over long before that.

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