Cup o’ (Pro) Jo: January 31, 2010

In response to a constituent request, State Rep. Donald J. Lally introduced a bill on Thursday that could permanently move Halloween to the last Saturday in October. Several communities in Mass. and Virginia have already taken the lead on this, for reasons varying from church services to Patriots games. While some parents of school-age children are thrilled by the idea, local businesses are worried that their revenue could be negatively impacted.  Silly lawmakers — one day just isn’t going to cut it. Don’t they know it’s Halloweek?

Three Rhode Island men were rescued from the highest peak in Vt. last night. While looking for an area known as Hell Brook, the skiers ventured out of the areas marked by the Stowe Ski resort and had to be guided off the mountain by police sirens. At least it wasn’t Brown students this time.

As students and other American citizens are evacuated from Egypt today, one Rhode Island College professor wants to be back in the middle of the action. Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban, who recently returned from a trip to the country, has lived in Sudan, Egypt and Tunisia. Although the protests have become increasingly violent and Fluehr-Lobban admitted that the situation was “precarious”, she said she sees the outbreak as a “wonderful development” for the Egyptian people. As of Friday, her husband was still in Egypt for his job as an archaeological tour guide.

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