Time-waster of the day: January 31, 2011

But what about the Spring Weekend slip and slide?!

It’s getting close to that time when classes get real and your brain has to go from its sort-of-there winter break mode to fully attuned to books, lectures, and problem sets. But, as we said, that time is getting close, which doesn’t mean that it’s already arrived. Fake Science gives you a shot to continue to entertain that not-quite-academic-thinking thing you had going on over winter break with funny and often ridiculous non-scientific facts. In fact, it might even help you get back into the school mode by giving you the chance to joke about how preposterous some of the posts are with your academic peers. Just make sure you don’t accidentally spout off something you saw on the site in an attempt to impress said academic peers (and don’t worry, if you’re easily duped, it’s okay to double check a fake fact on Google, we won’t tell anyone.)

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