Students who do cool things: the igloo on the Main Green

While Snowpocalypse 2011 continues to make mobility difficult and socks wet, many students have taken this opportunity to make some really beautiful and intense snow creations all over campus.  Arguably the most impressive of all these, however, is the igloo on the Main Green right outside Faunce. Learn about it’s builders and their design, plus more photos, after the jump.

At 1:30 PM last Saturday, the crew, consisting of Maya Chay, Brandon Guarino, Anthony White, Kelly Milman, Courtney Mazur, Giulia Basile and Zach Rowe, began to construct their igloo.  In an email to BlogDH, Zach explained his intentions and building process:

With this much snow and reading-period levels of work, playing around in the snow seemed like the natural thing to do.  We really started it without too much of a plan at all.  The building process consisted of making blocks of packed snow inside of trash bins and then setting them up row-by-row.

The whole project only took a total of about 4 hours, but caused countless conversations around Brunonia to began with “Hey did you see that igloo on the Main Green!  I wanna go inside!”

All photos by Kelly Milman and Natalie Jones.

If you or your friends decide to make any interesting snow creations with the 4+ inches of fresh snow that we received this morning, be sure to take a picture and email it to us at

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