Alums who do cool things: Walton is 1/6 of NBC’s “Perfect Couples”

David Walton '01 in "Perfect Couples" — Courtesy of NBC Universal

David Walton ’01 plays Vance, one half of one of the three couples — probably the most volatile and crazy couple — featured in NBC’s new show “Perfect Couples.” He has had  a bumpy career so far, with roles on sitcoms that never got more than six episodes. And based on the first two episodes, starring in “Perfect Couples” may not be such a cool thing to do after all.

Walton said he first became interested in acting during his time at Brown, telling the HuffPo that he had to give up his spot on the crew team to pursue it. Well, that explains why Google suggests searches for “David Walton” be followed by the word “shirtless.”

In a cast of unknowns and Olivia Munn (now seemingly everywhere, but performing with talent nowhere), Walton doesn’t particularly stand out. His character seems to spend virtually all of his screen time either fighting with or having sex with his partner Amy. They’re the kooky foil to more calm characters on the show, but they (or any of the others, for that matter) are not particularly likable or realistic. In the premiere episode, which aired two weeks ago, a contrived and awkwardly-acted game night quickly devolves into the other two couples trying to ignore Vance and Amy going at it on the couch. Really, how many couples scream at each other then have angry sex in front of their friends in the middle of a game of Celebrity?

What’s sad is, “Perfect Couples” should be better. It was created by Jon Pollack, a former writer and producer for “30 Rock” and “Community,” and Scott Silveri, a former writer and producer for “Friends.” They co-wrote the first two episodes that have already aired, and they’re just not funny. The show reinforces that common media trope that men never grow up and women are often batshit crazy. How enlightened.

“Perfect Couples” is sandwiched between two of the strongest shows on NBC — the refreshingly smart “Community” and the solid stand-by “The Office” (which happens to showcase a Brown alum in a more successful show). Among such company, “Perfect Couples” just can’t hold its own. With unimpressive ratings and a panning from the critics, it may not be long for this world.

Better luck next time, Walton. Just try to use this fabulous education to pick a better project next time.

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