What to do tonight: 2/5

International Nutella Day

All day.



There is not a single dish that cannot be improved by the addition of Nutella. Accept my challenge and eat Nutella with every meal today. Here’s a starting place. It’s a sweet way to start off, continue and end your day.

Hot and Fierce: A Harmo BTones Extravaganza

8 pm – 11 pm

Salomon 001


Two acappella groups for the wonderfully same free price? Too good to be true? Not in BrownTown. Go forth and sing Brunonians.

Bitches in the Upspace

9 pm

Production Workshop Upspace


Capping off a week of performances, the Bitches are putting on a theatrical performance to end all theatrical performances. Don’t miss out, or there might just be hell to pay.

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