Cup o’ Pro (Jo): February 7, 2011

Following the safe evacuation of American students and citizens from the midst of political turmoil in Egypt, Providence saw some action of its own. On Sunday, more than 70 demonstrators gathered in front of the Rhode Island State House to show their support of the Egyptian fight for democracy. Mohamed Abdelrahman — former president of the Rhode Island Council for Muslim Advancement — was one of those rallying for Mubarak’s resignation and free elections. According to Abdelrahman, they hope to gain the support of the U.S government, but political leaders have yet to show their support “fully and explicitly and clearly.”

URI issued an e-mailed apology to its student body on Thursday evening for failing to deal adequately with the treacherous conditions caused by last Wednesday’s ice storm. Although the campus actually shut down at noon, officials acknowledged that the Kingston community’s “criticisms and frustration were fully justified.” That was really considerate of them! When should we expect ours?

The RI General Assembly broke bread with their colleagues in 2010. A lot. According to finance reports due into the state last week, nine legislative leaders — including Senate President M. Teresa Paiva Weed and newly appointed Senate Majority Leader Dominick Ruggerio — rang up a bill totaling $159,136 at restaurants across Rhode Island. The thousands of campaign dollars, spent at dining establishments ranging from Capriccio’s to Venda Ravioli, were justified by Speaker of the House Gordon Fox. “You want to talk, you want to do things?” he asked. “You go to dinner.” Well said, sir.

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