Cup o’ (Pro) Jo: February 9th, 2011

The strange weather is not just been bothering you, it is giving Providence a pothole epidemic. When water absorbed by asphalt freezes overnight, the water expands and cracks the asphalt. According to U.R.I. civil-engineering professor, “Each time the moisture freezes, it will continue to expand the pothole.” The weather has also kept city workers too busy plowing to fix the potholes.

Same-sex marriage could help alleviate Rhode Island’s budget problems, according to a recent study done by Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation Law & Public Policy at UCLA. The study looked at how marriage equality would effect state tax revenue and did not include estimates for revenue from purchases associated with weddings. In a previous study, the Williams Institute also reported that sam-sex marriage produced “a positive impact to the Massachusetts economy of approximately $111 million’.”

Cranston health club “Extreme Fitness” must soon close its doors because it did not comply with state law and get clearance to operate from the Providence Fire Department. The club’s owner submitted forged clearance documents from the Fire Department.

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