Brown Barrel: Jeopardy!

The Brown Barrel is an alliance of Brown’s written and performance comedy groups. This column is published twice a week. The first post of the week contains written humor, and the second lists upcoming comedy events.

Fans of Monday night trivia at Spats, Tuesday night trivia at Abe’s, or trivia in general may know that the world’s most powerful Jeopardy! robot, IBM’s Watson, is set to take on legends Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in episodes to be aired starting next Monday. Watson is smart. But can it answer these questions?

Difficult Jeopardy! Clues

Responses to Jeopardy! clues about people typically begin with this word.
What is “Who”?

Spoken aloud, this response to a jeopardy clue about a basic unit of power is also the title of a Dave Eggers novel.
What is “What is the Watt?”

This indicates someone or something that is immediately obvious.
What is the meaning of this?  

Instead of money, some game shows keep score using this arbitrary unit of currency.
What is the point?

You might give this response when asked about the correct response to a clue about the colloquial name for King George VI’s speech disorder.
What is “What is “What is a stammer?”?”?

This is what you should say if a clue refers to the location in the alphabet between X and Z.
What is “Where is Y?”

This is everything except that which isn’t.
What is what is.

This is the correct response to the clue you are reading right now.
What is “What is “What is “What is “What is “… … …

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