Free food digest: February 10, 2011

Eat free or dine trying.


Open House
8-10 pm
Buxton International House
Enjoy free finger food while being wooed by the cosmopolites of Buxton.

Brown Philosophy DUG: Psychological Egoism
6:30 pm
Gerard House (54 College Street), Room 119
Free food and psychological egoism–what more could you want?

The Critical Review: New Writer Meeting and Packet Distribution
6 pm
Salomon 001
Free pizza!

East Asian Studies DUG–YES! Green Tea Mixer
6:30-8 pm
Smith-Buonanno Lounge, Room 107
Pizza and green tea ice cream will be served to those who come to discuss entrepreneurship in China.


  1. phil

    The PhilDUG is meeting at 6:30 (there’s a class in Gerard 119 til then). Thanks!

  2. David Winer (Author)


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